Kathy & Rudy Albert - Owners
4 North Forest Road, Fox Lake, IL 60020
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With an unyielding reputation for quality, integrity, and value, at KRA Construction we work in a manner consistent with our company purpose and guiding principles. Regardless of delivery method or market, KRA’s approach to construction services remains consistent: meet expectations of quality and safety, establish clear lines of communication, stay on schedule, and control costs.

Relying on the experience and knowledge attained from over five decades of construction services and general contracting service, we understand the diversified delivery methods and needs of every client. Such methods range from hard bid where KRA has no involvement during the design phase, to an integrated Design-Build approach where KRA plays an active role beginning early in the design process.

Regardless of the approach, each project receives an unsurpassed commitment to quality from inception to completion due to our unique, proprietary Project Control System. Each employee is indoctrinated in the system whereby checks and balances are implemented to ensure flawless execution and delivery of construction services. Preconstruction managers proactively suggest practical and cost-saving alternatives to both the owner and architect. This knowledge and ability, coupled with computer analysis systems, allows for such adjustments early in the design process – avoiding significant alteration of design documents and potential costly delays in schedule.